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Risk Assessment | Initial Fire & Alarm

Risk Assessment

Not all workplaces are identical and neither are the hazards and risks found within them. With Initial Fire’s unique programme, we ensure you have the right assessment to suit your particular working environment.

Fire Risk Assessment is no longer optional. Recent European and UK legislation now means that ALL employers are personally responsible for the adequate provision of Fire Safety Measures within the workplace. Furthermore, employers are required by the legislation to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment and record any significant findings.

Under this new fire safety legislation every employer is required to:

  • Carry out a fire risk assessment of the workplace and consider ALL employees and ALL other people within the workplace that may be affected by fire.
  • Make adequate provisions for people with a disability.
  • Where five or more people are employed, the employer MUST record any significant findings of the fire risk assessment.
  • Provide and maintain adequate fire precautions.
  • Provide instruction, training & information to your employees about the fire precautions and procedures within the workplace.
  • Where necessary, nominate and train people to carry out any specific tasks or undertake specific roles.
  • Consult with employees or their representatives about the nomination of employees and the planned proposals for change and improvement following the fire safety risk assessment.
  • Inform any other employers within the building of any significant risks present within your area and cooperate with them to reduce the risk presented to their work area.
  • If you are responsible or have control of a premises which contains more than one employer then you also have a responsibility to ensure that the requirements of the regulations are complied with.
  • Establish a means of easily contacting emergency services.

Employees are required to cooperate with you to ensure fire safety within the workplace and not to do anything that may cause a fire or cause injury or harm to themselves or other employees.

Failure to comply with fire legislation can lead to serious, personal consequences including fines and even imprisonment.

Inital Fire systems can offer you a detailed fire risk assessment , completed by one of out qualified assessors, alternatively we off a CD Rom fire risk assessment pack as detailed below

Initial Fire Systems Ltd Fire Risk Assessment Pack gives you all the tools you need to self assess. Our 12 month software license allows you to select one of the many, ready-to-use Fire Risk Assessments. Each one is designed for an individual industry type: Factories, Offices and Retail, Banks, Hotels, Guest Houses, Pubs and Restaurants, Doctors and Dental Surgeries, Care Homes and Call Centres. You can then fine-tune your assessment by selecting additional-hazard assessments from the intuitive menu.

Properly training staff is also crucial. All employers have a legal responsibility to provide information, instruction and training to all employees regarding the fire precautions within their workplace.

Employers must keep a written record of the trainees and be able to demonstrate the employees understanding of the training provided.

With our multi-media, interactive training programme, complying with the requirements has never been easier or more cost effective.

The training programme can take place at the delegates own work station or at any other PC and even without supervision. Thereby minimising the disruption to the normal business activity.

Delivered at their own pace, the programme guides the delegate through almost every element of fire safety ever likely to be needed. Upon satisfactory completion, certificates can be printed and issued to the delegate and a record of the training then entered into the Training Register.

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